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Hi Rafal!
We have ROI, IRR and TWR to calculate how are going our investments.
In the Fixed income (Dividends), could it be possible to add CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)?

Hello there,

Just so I understand - what information you’re looking for?

  • it could be growth of your whole investments - capital, currency and dividend returns - this is included in the Annual IRR, which basically is CAGR (is just more nuanced as a formula)
  • it can be annualized yield on cost (we only have not annualized version)
  • or annualized dividend per share growth (not available currently) - but that wouldn’t be CAGR


I mean the growth in my investments or in any stock I have. CAGR is a metric people use in Dividend Growth Investment forums.
I thought it was different that IRR.


CAGR is Compound Annual Growth Rate, and it’s standard formula does not take into account your cashflows - so whenever you add money to portfolio you increase CAGR.

The IRR/MWR that we calculate does take them into account, and essentially it gives you an annual compounded growth rate.

It’s pretty tricky to compare numbers when you don’t know how they were calculated, but I’d assume that when people are mentioning CAGR on dividends forums, this is not calculated by the original formula, but rather some other method that takes cashflows into account somehow (like MWR, TWR and there are couple others)

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