Assets: different views depending on paths

Hi. I just figured out there are different views on assets, specifically at the bottom, depending from where you come (paths). I could imagine there is a reason for this but to me is a bit confusing. I discovered it because I set a custom column and sorting (apply changes everywhere) and then I thought I’ve lost the changes, but nope, it was a different view. I’ll put the header and bottom of two paths with the same asset:



Thank you.

Update: I just found the button to switch views so, I guess is part of the design. I’d like to know the differences or purpose of each view. Thank you.


Yes, this is by design.

On the first screen you navigated to an Asset. A single asset can have multiple Positions - in other words, can exist on multiple accounts.

Now each Position (the second screen - Account/Asset path) can have multiple Lots - each opened by a Transaction.

On the Asset screen you can preview the lots by expanding the positions.
On the Position screen you can preview the transactions in a lot by expanding it.

That’s why these are different views with slightly different set of columns, stored separately.

And this is available on every screen when you’re deeper than one level. This will show all positions of the last opened level.

If you’re in the Account/Asset, it will open just the Asset (and show any Account).
If you’re in Type/Tag1/Sector1, it will open just the Sector1 (and show all types and tags).