Dedicated onboarding page

Onboarding a diverse portfolio may be a pretty overwhelming task right now. The idea here is to make it more streamlined and discoverable.

As long as you don’t dismiss it, the onboarding page would be the first choice in the menu on desktop and mobile.

  1. First, you select what you want to onboard by answering a few simple questions - this creates a simple list of tasks for you (and you can restart or edit at any point).

  2. Depending on the task at hand, a specific UI is displayed with a related help article is displayed. For example, If you selected a couple of brokers you have, we’ll cycle through their Import templates. If there’s no template, we’ll try to help you create a new one. If you have cash balances, then there would be a UI (or import template) to add them quickly. And so on…

  3. There could be less important sections, again depending on your answers, like setting up missing taxonomies, creating first tags or assigning tax presets.

At any moment, you can use any other part of the app. You can leave the onboarding enabled for as long as you want to come back and finish it of.

The onboarding UI should also present you some basic total metrics so you can gauge your progress and check for rough accuracy without leaving the UI.