E-mail Notifications - Performance

I’d like to be able to receive a weekly e-mail with a portfolio report showing the line by line performance of each position in my portfolio and the performance of my portfolio as a whole.

Thanks David for proposing this!

There’s one big technical obstacle - all your data is encrypted, so only your device can do the required calculations - that’s how notifications work.

For emails to work the project would have to be not encrypted.

The other option would be to send email about performance of the assets you have in your portfolio. Once you enable it, we could store the assets you have and their % allocation on the backend, and based on that send the email.
It wouldn’t be as accurate as the app, but would give the asset % changes and the overall change. It would be like a benchmark, as it wouldn’t know your buys & sells that you could do in the meantime…

Unfortunately, this is one of the downsides of encryption.

Btw, why would you prefer an email, to just opening the app every week to see the same? Notifications can already show the overall change on portfolio and you’re a click away from seeing the results.