Importing of Degiro transaction and dealing with stock splits

When I do a transaction import from a Degiro trasnactions.csv file, whenever there is a recorded stock split, the degiro transaction file has a buy and a sell transaction.

Capitally also introduces a split traction (correctly) post import. However because of the buy/sell transaction, the recorded share count is incorrect. It effectively multiplies by the split ratio.

Manually I can of course look for each split and delete the corresponding buy and sell transaction to get the correct share count.

However it would be nice if these transactions could be detected by the importer and highlighted so the user can allow the imported not to load the buy/sell record

I “love” when brokers pull this sort of magic tricks. Could you send me a CSV with such two rows to or here?

There’s imports revamp near in the pipeline, and depending on how Degiro is doing this, it might be supported in the new version.