Improved Charts (more choice, legends)

Currently the charts are pretty limited in customization. It’s great you can quickly switch between the views, but you cannot change them.

The goal here, is to:

  1. Allow changing the charted metric (e.g. total, capital or currency returns; switching between $ and %)
  2. Allow changing the grouping (e.g. comparing groups, periods, or groups across periods)
  3. Allow free choice of chart type
  4. Add options for some chart types, like whether Line chart should be bound to 0
  5. Display transaction markers on the line for line charts.
  6. Display transaction markers in the tooltip for each serie
  7. Add legend where one can toggle series on/off and choose the number of displayed series for comparison
  8. Group by positions on the Transactions tab (currently there’s no grouping there at all which is confusing)
  9. Allow storing chart presets for quick toggling - just like they’re now. Presets would be persisted per metric

Secondary goals (may be introduced separately):

  1. Donut chart (e.g. for comparing top-level groups)
  2. Marimekko chart (e.g. for comparing returns relative to allocation)
  3. Sankey chart (e.g. for comparing types of returns relative to allocation)

Early version of chart editing is available in the Early Access!

I like the new charts. Heatmap is a great addition to view/compare value magnitudes across a portfolio.

One useful additional marker for the line charts would be to show the MAX value across the selected period. Pretty minor request since you can always run your cursor across the chart to find the date/value of the highest point.

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@Stuart_Davidson it’s already here :raised_hands: (still under Early Access)