Improved Dividends support

There’s a number of issues with the current implementation that I want to address:

  1. Importing dividends from a broker duplicates dividends created by the app. Because of that, you need to manually fix the automated dividends whenever you want to do taxes. Imported dividends should take precedence and suppress automated ones from being created.

  2. Generated dividends use the ex-dividend date because it’s needed to properly calculate the value you receive. But on your broker statement you’ll see the payout date instead (actually a few days after). Dividends should therefore use payout date as the transaction date, while having an additional ex-dividend date field for which is the base to calculate the value.

  3. Current portfolio analysis is nice, but could be done better. We’re missing things like dividend growth rate, or forecasting among others. As this is very fixed-income-specific, it would get it’s own Report page. Not only for dividends, but fixed income in general (eg. you can forecast rent the same)

  4. DRIP or dividends paid in stock are not supported well right now while being quite popular.