Interest-based assets

Full support for interest-based assets like bonds, deposits or loans (once liabilities are supported).

  1. You have the option to choose “interest” as the price source for an asset - bonds and deposits would use it be default.

  2. You can specify the yearly rate, and coupon payout schedule.

  3. The rate can change in time.

  4. The coupons would be recorded as Interest transactions - just like Dividends are for Stocks.

  5. The interest would would be applied from the date when position unit has been opened - therefore you can open multiple deposit positions on the same asset and each will have it’s own interest payout schedule and rates.


Will be great if you can also support interest assets that have a shorter duration.

What do you mean by shorter duration? Like a 3 month deposit?

What I’m thinking now is that you specify the annual rate which can change throughout time, and optional coupon payouts. Actually I didn’t even think about automatically closing the position, but that could be an option as well.
So for what is worth, you could even keep the position open for a day, so this could support savings accounts as well.

Yes. Shorter than one year CD/ Bond that has a known expiry date and maybe I know the annual interest rate and it just payes interest on expiray. It might also be a 0 coupon asset that is sold at a discount and you get the par value at maturity so Capitally needs to calculate the return rate.

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