Loading icon working for several minutes in different times in a day

Hello. I’d like to know, what it means the loading icon above. Many times I see this loading icon for several minutes. For example right now, is there for the last 40 minutes. I don’t think is normal but who knows. Also, now I was checking my investments in different currencies but when I selected EUR, I got this:

Update: maybe is related to this:


Any chance to track CLP/EUR in the last 10 years or so? Thanks.

It shows whenever data is fetched, project is synced or data is being calculated.
Several minutes sounds strange - maybe there’s an edge case where a fetch is cancelled (eg after changing options) and the loading counter gets confused. I’ll look into this.

As for CLP/EUR I’ll ask the data provider if they can extend the history, but it highly depends on their sources. If not, I can switch it to use USD as an intermediary currency

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With the newest version the CLP/EUR should now be much much longer (it applies to other currency pairs as well).

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