Portfolio export


First of all, love the tool :slight_smile:
Did you think about adding export function to, let’s say, pdf?

The use case I was thinking about would be periodically export my portoflio info and store it in secure place in case of something happens to me so my family would have all financial info in one place.


Hey Marcin!

Actually I did, yes. I’m just wondering what kind of details such report should have. I guess, it could list all your positions, grouped by accounts & folders, in an easy to read list, with the details like Name, Symbol, ISIN, Quantity, Current Value, Principal/Cost-basis. If there are any notes for accounts or assets, they should be included as well.

Currently it’s definitely possible to export it in a little-bit less readable format - you can export all your positions to a CSV, or print Portfolio view to PDF - with all the details listed above.

I would keep it simple and as clean as possible. Top level info like accounts/folders and then optionally lower level details like individual positions, value, etc… Plus (as you mentioned) option to include own notes for things like contacts, identification info. Nothing secret like passwords :wink: but enough info that would allow access to assets if worst things happen.

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I love the idea. Will be useful to have an easy way to export a yearly or quarterly report that shows change in position value and transactions over the period.

Hmm, that sounds like a different kind of report than this proposal. It could be configurable, but it may quickly become another table :thinking:
I like an idea of a very simplified report you can print into PDF and leave for yourself or you family “just in case” - so it just summarizes what and where you have.
You propose something a bit different, like an activity summary. Maybe it should be a separate topic?