Price updates issue

@rafal any chance to schedule an update at the opening of the market? The chilean market opened around 50 mins ago. Thank you.

Update: now 62 minutes ago; last update yesterday.

Update #2: if I check Banco de Credito e Inversiones, BCI (CLP321331116), it was updated today at 09:31 (that’s good). So, I don’t know why CGE not. Thanks.

I think it could reset cache around the market open, yes. It will take some time to implement though.

As for CGE, I can see it updated in database 45 minutes after market open, so probably got cached on your side. I’ll see if I can improve this without overwhelming the data provider.

Hi @rafal. With the market closed now, I’d like to know why I can see an slight difference in the last prices between Capitally and financial sites. For example in Bloomberg:




Thanks mate.

I’ll ask the data provider. I can see that small percentage of stocks gets their close price updated after a couple of hours

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