Profit calculation is incorrect

For my xtb account calculated profit is incorrect because of incorrect buy price. It is not taken from uploaded data but from somewhere else. Total difference in profit is about 50% so the project is not in the phase when I can pay for it.

Hey @R11 , XTB has a notoriously bad export format, I even talked with them on the conference Im at about it. I’m sure that if you give it a chance the issue can be resolved. For example it might be the wrong symbol or currency.
Please write to or DM me here with a tiny bit of detail and we can sort this out.

Real buy price is in the comment in exported file, for example
OPEN BUY 649 @ 4.7770, but this is in the original currency lets say USD.
The amount is recalculated to account currency but with the fee 0,5% which is also not taken into consideration in the calculations. These are the main issues here.

I’ll also add that there are quite a few users who I know use XTB without issues, that’s why I’m sure we can sort this out :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me what is in the transaction created in Capitally? What is the Price and currency - 4.777 USD or something else?

Can you also confirm that the asset is indeed what it should be?

Does the transaction in Capitally have the Fee? If yes, with what currency? If no, is the fee included in the CSV from XTB?

I’ll create an export from XTB demo account tomorrow to double-check if they didn’t change something.

The amount is loaded correctly from the file in $: 649 @ 4.7770 = -3100,27 $
however it was recalculated to 12204,22pln, not 12246,08 pln as stated in xtb.
Profit/lost here is -546,71 -4,48% while in xtb is -668,55 -5,46%.
XTB doesn’t show currency exchange fee in the export file.
Asset is correct.

Many thanks for the details, it explains a lot.

In general, Capitally works as designed, let me explain:

  1. Currency difference - Capitally uses a single End-Of-Day (or 15-30 minutes delayed for today only) currency rate for all calculations within the application. Basically all applications I know do the same, as it’s impractical to use minute-by-minut tickers.
  2. Exact rate used by XTB - even if we had a full history, we have no way of knowing what FX rate XTB used for this transaction - it would still be off. Only if XTB would include this information in the export - it could be used. You actually can track it - by setting the transaction value to “12246,08” and PLN currency - you can edit them anytime. But you shouldn’t do it if you plan to do taxes - as then you need the original value & currency, and Central Bank rate from the day before - which Capitally handles already.
  3. Missing fee - if XTB doesn’t include the fee information in the export, we will not guess it for them. It’s too risky to just imply 0.5% on all transactions. I would say this is a quality issue on the XTB side, as their export format is not very usable. I’d recommend writing to XTB support to improve this area. Still, Capitally lets you control this aspect - you can actually add the “Fee” property to the import template and calculate the value there.
  4. Calculating returns is absurdly complicated and depends on many things. You can check how Capitally does it here. If XTB provides you the details about their methodology, only then you can make comparisons of returns accuracy.

I understand if you’re looking for a tracker that exactly replicates the calculations of your broker, but Capitally focuses on accurately tracking your overall portfolio returns, regardless of where you have them. I hope it explains the difference. It won’t change in the future, I just hope XTB will finally include all relevant information in a sensible format in their exports (and not only them).

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