Real Estate: can't manage the payment down and loan prepayment

Hi. I added a real estate asset but I can’t manage properly the payment down and the loan prepayment because they are duplicating the market value.

For example, if the asset price (property) is $100, the down payment is $20 and prepayment of the loan is $40, I’d expect a total investment of $60, market value of $100 and total return of $40. What’s the way to handle it? Thank you.

Id assume estate and loan are two separate things.
To group them together I personally use an account for the real estate.

Then you “buy” a loan for the amount borrowed (quantity is the loaned amount, price is -1). Paying off the loan is a “sell”. Interest can be logged as “other” or a fee, as currently interest transaction won’t accept negative values. This will change in the future with the liabilities support.

You separately create an asset, which you buy for the whole amount. Now real estate will have the proper value, and the account will have market value - owed.